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In this episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly talk with Dr. Ramsey Selbak about the increasing prevalence of violence in healthcare. They each take a turn providing examples of dangerous situations they’ve been involved in, how they handled them, and how they have adjusted their tactics as providers since. This episode introduces a much-needed conversation about provider safety in healthcare and how it has long been neglected. The team touches on why violent incidents seem to be more commonplace, why they often go unreported, and the lack of debriefing many EMS providers have following these events.

The team goes on to explore how a lack of training on entering unsafe scenes often puts providers at risk, and how much of this is because, historically, EMS providers did not enter unsafe situations without law enforcement. However, this seems to be changing, and EMS providers often have to call for law enforcement after the situation has already devolved. This episode forces the listener to reflect on their own experiences and consider steps each of us may need to take to keep ourselves, our patients, our crews, and future EMS providers safe in an ever-changing field.

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