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In this episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly are joined by Dr. Ramsey Selbak, EMTprep’s Physician Advisor. Dr. Ramsey discusses his background in emergency medicine as well as his experience and relationship with field providers. The team then delves into an age old rut into which many EMS providers fall – chasing numbers. What do we mean by this?  Trying to correct specific lab values or vitals without taking into account the entirety patient. What do they look like? Why might this vital or value be skewed? How long did it take the patient to get to where they are now? And, of course, is the patient stable as they sit? Dr. Ramsey provides a couple brief examples of times where seemingly critical patients remain stable with limited intervention in the ED, which implores the crew to discuss the role of EMS providers in the field, and re-evaluate their responsibility to “fix” or “reverse” patients with advanced disease processes.

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