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In this episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly have the opportunity to chat with Dr. Selbak in the studio. Dr. Selbak introduces a compelling case he came across while working in the emergency department. The group asks questions about the patient’s current condition and past medical history while discussing how they would likely treat the patient based on the provided information. Dr. Selbak talks with the team about more advanced in-hospital diagnostic techniques he and his team utilized to diagnose this patient and how it drastically altered their course of treatment. The team discusses ways field providers can employ some of these techniques and analyzes how we, in the field, can be on the lookout for some of these case outliers to better diagnose and treat our patients. As you listen, you will glean some incredibly helpful wisdom and insight into how we can best prepare our patients and the hospital staff for our arrival and paint a full diagnostic picture for the patient hand-off. 

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