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In their very first podcast, Dan and Steve introduce themselves and talk about their experience as medical professionals. The process of earning continuing education credit by listening to EMTpro podcasts is explained. Dan reviews two cases from his career, while Steve helps break down each case.

The first case Dan reviews is a sick person call in a skilled nursing home. Dan discusses how unconscious bias influenced his initial resource management decisions before even arriving on scene. Scene assessment of the nursing facility is performed, along with the primary assessment of the patient and the first treatment decision. Dan attempts to stabilize the patient prior to hospital arrival. Dan and Steve talk about mistakes made and what could have been done differently.

In the second case review, Dan is dispatched to a trauma scene call in the helicopter. The differences in airway management at the time of the call are discussed. Dan talks about how his attitude caused problems receiving information from resources on scene, and the consequences that resulted. Mistakes made were discussed, and important trauma assessment skills were highlighted.

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