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Steve, Dan, and Holly introduce Scotty Bolleter, one of the co-inventors of the EZ-IO. Scotty details how he got started in EMS, and what led him to help create the EZ-IO. Scotty discusses his time as a flight paramedic, and how his time spent training in hospitals pushed him into EMS business ventures. Steve touches on his business ventures in EMS.

Scotty walks the trio through his team’s process of modifying older devices to create their version of the EZ-IO. Scotty talks about his inter-disciplinary team of physicians, engineers, and others. The correct process of placing a humeral IO is discussed, from positioning the patient to proper placement for insertion. The process of IO flow is explained. Scotty discusses possible complications if an IO is placed wrong.

Scotty discusses the use of the distal femur IO placement in cardiac arrest at his department. IO placement in the femur versus the humerus or the tibia is compared. Pediatric IO placement is reviewed. Scotty highlights the open IO, and when it is indicated. Correct IO placement is recapped, and Scotty touches on why EMS providers should not bury an IO needle into the bone. Steve reviews a call on a patient in status seizure where an IO is used for access.

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