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In this episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly discuss their experiences with OB calls, specifically field deliveries, that were outside a typical “textbook” experience. They dive into the aspects of the scene, patient, transport, and crew to discuss what made their experiences stand out. Each provider will also take the time to address a unique OB emergency related to the patient in their story or that they have experienced and how they treated that patient to benefit both mom and baby. 

OB calls, specifically those in which deliveries are imminent, are low frequency with the potential to be very high risk. So the team discusses how they felt going into the call, what they did that helped set them up for success, and what about the scene created a roadblock as they attempted to provide the best possible patient care. 

While each patient discussed delivered otherwise healthy babies, listener discretion is advised as these stories involve less-than-ideal scenarios with challenges in both patient care and scene management. 

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