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Dan, Holly, and Steve return to discuss resiliency and its importance in emergency medical services. Dan and Holly open by highlighting their attendance at the Train the Trainer course for the FBI Officer Resiliency course. The definition of resiliency is debated, and the trio talks about how each individual will reflect resiliency differently. Steve recaps how his parents instilled resiliency in him from a young age, through de-stigmatizing psychological counseling.

Holly and Dan further detail the organizational components of their course, and its emphasis on teaching resiliency early. Story-telling was focused on in the course, as a way to help everyone open up. Holly and Dan review the science behind dealing with stress and building resiliency. One main focus of the course was ABC: activating event, breathe, and then dealing with the consequences. Understanding how the human brain and body react to stress is a key element in dealing with the effects of that stress in all environments.

Holly and Dan further discuss how identifying values helped them learn more about themselves. Setting goals that correspond with one’s values will make reaching those goals easier. The trio calls Scott, a fire chief from Texas, who recounts a story about finding peace and appreciating our individual journeys. The group highlights the importance of practicing gratitude.  The trio wrap up the podcast reflecting on the material discussed in the FBI Officer Resiliency course, and how they apply the philosophies outlined into their own lives.

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