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In today’s episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly have the opportunity to discuss an interesting MCI call with guest, Firefighter/Paramedic Kyle Snider. At the time of the incident, Kyle was a new paramedic graduate with wilderness medicine training who was working in a rural department with limited resources. Kyle discusses the call from the point of dispatch to call completion and reviews what he felt went well and what he would have changed. This episode gives the team a chance to discuss how we often leave chaotic scenes feeling overwhelmed and discouraged; however, reviewing the call with others in the field can be helpful to see where we performed well and where or what we could do to make improvements if faced with a similar call in the future. When discussing this call, we see how Kyle managed as the PIC and only paid medic while ensuring all patients received care. He then took what he learned from this call to help make personal and departmental improvements moving forward.

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