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In this episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly discuss EMS education with Adam Culbertson, a current educator in North Carolina. The team has the opportunity to ask Adam about EMS education and how it is changing, as well as some trends we can expect to see in the coming years. Adam explores what has worked really well in his own education, as well a with his students, and what does not seem to be benefiting them. He goes on to explain how he and his fellow educators are trying to use that knowledge and understanding to enhance curriculum and classroom settings for incoming students and providers. 

This episode highlights current struggles in EMS and how better preparation in the classroom can lead to providers who are well-equipped to be lifelong learners. Also highlighted are disparities in mental health, both in the treatment of patients, as well as in caring for ourselves and our coworkers. Overall, this episode helps sets the stage for the foundational evolution taking place in EMS. 

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