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Steve, Dan, and Holly return to discuss the pathway to a successful internship. The trio talks about how formative internship is for students and begins answering questions submitted by prospective students. The importance of studying protocols is highlighted; many agencies require that new interns be competent with their specific protocol. If possible, seek internships outside of areas that are familiar. Agencies with high call volumes allow for ample opportunities to practice a variety of medical skills in a short amount of time.

The trio details the stress of the first day of internship, and what students can expect. Adaptation is key; different agencies operate differently and have their own unique challenges. Steve reminisces about his internship, and how the system he worked in operated. Holly, Dan, and Steve each give their number one tip for success during the internship. The importance of attitude is discussed, as well as being open to learning from professionals with years of experience.

Steve reviews how to regroup after being stumped on a call. The trio talks about favorite qualities in their respective preceptors. Qualities that are important for emergency medical providers to cultivate are debated. To wrap up the podcast, the trio discusses common issues paramedics can run into, and the importance of self-care.

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